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An annual prostrate creeper. The leaves are relatively large and simple with palmate venation. They are cordate, with entire / sinuate margins, very rough with small prickles. There are also small prickles on the stems, as well as tendrils. Flowers are white/cream and trumpet-shaped. The fruits are like very small melons, dark green with lighter stripes when ripe, yellowing with age. They are covered in fine hairs which brush off quite easily. (from Namibrand website)

Plants: Herbs, or subshrubs (decumbent to suberect); perennial; with a woody rootstock; lacking tubers; monoecious. Stems procumbent, or climbing (weakly); sulcate; not aculeate; shortly antrorse-strigose and pilose (both types of pubescence intermixed, or rarely not pilose); with nonbreakaway hairs. Stem hairs 0.2–0.7 mm long, or 1.2–1.6(–2.4) mm long. Nodes not geniculate. Internodes (1–)4–11 cm long. Petioles cylindrical; sulcate in cross section.
Leaves: Petioles 4–8.5 cm long (longer petioles found on herbaceous plants); not aculeate; pubescence 2 different types uniformly intermixed on each petiole; shortly antrorse-strigose and pilose (with the basal hair cells enlarged, both types of pubescence intermixed); with nonbreakaway hairs. Leaf blades entire, or pentalobate (weakly), or trilobate (only hastate leaves); with the margin serrate; very broadly ovate in outline; cordate at the base (deeply so), or hastate at the base; with a basal sinus; (0.5–)1.2–2 cm deep; broadly acute at the apex, or obtuse at the apex; (1.3–)4.5–10.5 cm long; (1.5–)5–11 cm wide; ca. 0.9 times longer than wide; hispidulous on the upper surface; not aculeate on the veins below; hispid on the veins below; hispidulous on the intervenium below, or hispid on the intervenium below (rarely); not ciliate on the margins; with nonbreakaway hairs. Central leaf-blade lobe symmetrical; entire; shallowly ovate in outline; broadly acute at the apex, or obtuse at the apex; (0.6–)1.5–2 cm long; (0.9–)2.5–4.5 cm wide. Lateral leaf-blade lobes assymmetrical; entire; shallowly ovate in outline, or narrowly elliptic in outline (only on hastate leaves); broadly acute at the apex; (0.3–)0.5–1(–2) cm long; (0.4–)1.5–2.5 cm wide (longest and narrowest lateral lobes on hastate leaves).
Tendrils: Present; solitary; simple; 2–7 cm long; not aculeate; antrorse-strigose.
Inflorescences: Unisexual.

Cucumis Sagittatus